January 3, 2022

Swimming for babies, useful for body and mind.

By danaeorg

Baby swimming encourages babies from the first moment of their development. Interestingly, children appreciate the movement in the water. The following are the constructive effects of swimming on children:

1.Instigating the promotion of the body.

  • They discover how to better manage and organize their development,
  • they have a wide range of activities to move from the beginning,
  • to develop a better sense of balance and body awareness.
  1. The instigation of clairvoyant (psychological) progress.
  • exhibit superior thinking ability,
  • show more reverie and innovation.
  • score better on insight tests than children who do not perform this type of action,
  • show an even more remarkable response.
  1. the invigorating social turn of events.
  • They seek contact with others, they want to socialize;
  • are the more continuous, independent, aware and self-confident about their own abilities;
  • are more effectively stimulated to perform a test;
  • adapt better to new or unfamiliar circumstances.

Children’s Swimming in Madrid Children’s swimming in Madrid is not exactly the same as swimming offered elsewhere. This technique was not known in Madrid until 1999, and the flooding exercises were initially taken with extraordinary caution, which meant that children’s swimming was less polished and never from the first starting point of the course. The children recognized this beginning very well, and the caution of the young educators disappeared immediately. The technique was firmly established. However, since people with completely different identities live in Madrid, we can accommodate people with 10 different ethnicities in a group of 12 children. Although all classes are taught in some dialects, it is generally not possible to do exercises, such as an introductory melody or encounter games. Therefore, a large part of the activities must be carried out without the possibility of the guardians to sing or send. At the same time, this movement speaks of the possibility of making new contacts in a distant country for the newly arrived families.